Property Maintenance Sault St. Marie

Buying Gravel, Sand, Soil & Stones in Sault Ste. Marie & Beyond

Available Products & Usage


Pit run Gravel - Used for building up driveways or filling in large areas
2” Minus Gravel - Used for driveways and gravel pads
7/8” Crushed Gravel - Used for driveways, gravel pads, foundations & concrete. Packs well.
7/8” Karhi Crushed Stone - Used for driveways. Packs well. Has nice coloring.
Trap rock (3/8”, 5/8”, 5/8” Clear, 4” Clear, Rip Rap) - Smaller sizes used for driveways. Larger rock used for decorative purposes. Rip Rap used for gabions & dock cribs.


Beach Sand - Used for beaches & sand boxes.
Filter Sand - Used for septic beds
Utility Sand - Used to bury electrical trench or waterlines.
Manufactured Sand - Used for laying patio stones


#1 Grade - Used in flower or vegetable gardens
#2 Grade - Used on lawns
Subsoil - Used for landscaping under topsoil. Will hold moisture.

Stone / Boulders

Boulders (Rough, Blasted, Smooth) – Used for decorative purposes
Stone (Oversized, River, Screened) – Used for decorative purposes
2” Sewer Stone – Used for drainage and weeping tile
7/8” Screened Pea stone – Used for drainage and weeping tile as well as decorative purposes

We accept the following methods of payment: cash, cheque, debit, credit (Visa & MasterCard), and in house financing.

Property Maintenance Sault St. Marie
(Satellite image of our gravel pit)